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Private Party

Private events, irrespective of their scale, are moments of personal celebration, reflection, or camaraderie. They deserve a touch of opulence that sets them apart, and at EST Limo, we’re dedicated to elevating these special moments.

Every occasion is unique, and so is our approach to serving them. Whether you’re hosting an intimate soirée, marking a personal milestone, or throwing a grand festivity, our services are fine-tuned to meet the distinct demands of your event. Our diverse fleet of vehicles ensures you find the perfect match for your occasion, each promising an immaculate blend of comfort, luxury, and style.

But what truly differentiates EST Limo is our unyielding commitment to making your journey as memorable as the event itself. Our chauffeurs, trained in the finer points of hospitality, are not just drivers but custodians of your experience. With their professionalism, punctuality, and dedication, they ensure that every ride becomes an extension of the celebration.

Celebrating Milestones with Grace & Safety

Proms & Homecoming

Proms and homecomings are not just events; they’re treasured milestones in a young adult’s journey, brimming with anticipation, excitement, and dreams. At EST Limo, we recognize the weight of these moments and are committed to enhancing them with the luxury and elegance they rightly deserve.

Our specially tailored services for proms and homecomings are designed to offer more than just a ride; they provide an experience. As the young adults step into our state-of-the-art vehicles, they’re ushered into a world where sophistication meets fun. The interiors, plush and inviting, set the mood, while the ambient lighting and world-class amenities amplify the celebratory spirit.

With EST Limo, marking these significant milestones becomes a harmonious blend of grandeur and safety. As the young adults revel in the joy of their celebrations, parents can find solace in the knowledge that their children are in capable and responsible hands.

Elevating Event Experiences

Concerts Transfer

The charm of a concert or a special event is often about more than just the main attraction. It’s the anticipation, the atmosphere, and the shared euphoria with fellow enthusiasts. To truly immerse yourself in this ambiance, the journey leading up to the event is just as crucial. With EST Limo, we ensure that this prelude to your event becomes a seamless extension of the experience itself.

Forget the mundane hassles of navigating traffic, the quest for parking, or the challenge of arriving on time. Our dedicated services are crafted to sidestep these common issues, placing you directly at the heart of the excitement without any unnecessary distractions.

Our fleet, a harmonious blend of luxury and functionality, promises not just a journey but a statement. As you approach the venue, make an entrance that resonates with the grandeur of the event. Inside our limousines, every amenity is tailored to set the mood, prepping you for the exhilaration that awaits.

Amplify the Experience, Minimize the Hassle

Sporting Event

Every event, be it the pulsating rhythm of a concert or the thrilling suspense of a sports match, carries an aura that begins much before the main act. At EST Limo, we believe in extending that aura, ensuring your journey to the event is as exciting as the event itself.

Say goodbye to the mundane challenges of event commutes. No more weaving through snarling traffic or scouring for parking spots. With our premium transportation service, you are whisked directly to the venue, allowing you to conserve your energy for the event. Our state-of-the-art vehicles, driven by seasoned chauffeurs aware of the quickest and most efficient routes, promise a seamless travel experience.

But it’s not just about efficiency. It’s about making a statement. Arrive at the venue with panache, turning heads and setting the tone for the evening. Inside our vehicles, you’re enveloped in luxury, with top-tier amenities setting the mood, be it the anticipatory thrill for a game or the beat-drop excitement for a concert.

Navigating Excellence with Our Elite Fleet


In the world of top-notch car services, having great cars is super important. EST Limo knows this and offers modern and fancy cars that make us stand out. We serve Boston and the larger New England area. We’ve picked our cars for people who love the very best in cars. Our cars are new models from famous car brands, making sure each trip with us is stylish and modern.

Our cars have the best features, like comfy leather seats that can lean back, cool lights, the latest entertainment systems, and Wi-Fi. With EST Limo, every ride is a treat. From the time you get into our car to when you reach your stop, we make sure you’re comfy and feel special. With EST Limo, it’s not just about getting to your place, it’s about enjoying the trip.

Travel in the Style That Suits You Best.

We’ve equipped our vehicles with top-of-the-line features, from reclining leather seats and ambient lighting to advanced multimedia systems and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Excellence in Every Experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can opt for the hourly booking option on our website, or by speaking directly with our 24/7 customer service team.
For special events, EST Limo offers personalized amenities, priority scheduling, and the guarantee of a top-tier vehicle from our fleet. Plus, our chauffeurs are trained to maintain discretion and professionalism, ensuring your event remains the spotlight.
Typically, there’s a minimum hourly booking requirement, which varies based on the vehicle type and the day of the week. Please check our terms or consult our team for specifics.
Absolutely. We aim to accommodate our client’s dynamic schedules. For modifications, we advise reaching out at least 24 hours in advance for seamless adjustments.
For bookings cancellations, made more than 48 hours in advance are free of charge. Within 24-48 hours, a 50% fee applies, and within 24 hours, the full booking amount is charged. Please refer to our detailed policy on our website for more nuances.
Yes, we periodically offer promotional packages and discounts, especially for large-scale events. We recommend getting in touch with our customer service to discuss the specifics of your event.

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“Recently used EST Limo for a corporate event in Boston. The entire experience was seamless. The chauffeur was punctual, the vehicle pristine, and the drive smooth. Their professionalism made a lasting impression on our clients. Highly recommended!”
Martin J
“For our wedding day, we wanted everything to be perfect, and EST Limo did not disappoint. From the timely arrival to the courteous driver and the elegant limousine, everything was impeccable. It added a touch of luxury that made our day even more special.”
Sophia & Alex